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Changes at Christians at Work.

The Trustees have completed a number of actions that were initiated at the Council Meeting held in February this year which are laid out below. These decisions were only implemented after much careful, prayerful consideration in the light of the financial situation being faced by the Charity.

Post of National Director.

With effect from 31st March 2017, this post became redundant. Brian Allenby was the current post-holder and he was due to retire at the end of November 2017. However, in order to meet their legal responsibilities for redundancy payments, the Trustees needed to put this in place whilst they still had the funds to do so.

The Office in Cramlington.

Since Christians at Work now have no employed staff members, and to save the monthly cost of office rental, the Christians at Work office in Northumberland will be closed from the end of April.
Perhaps the most significant change that these decisions will produce will be that the area visits and visits to groups and Churches will cease.
Arrangements are being made to divert CaW mail to the appropriate Trustees. This will enable us to send out a number of e-bulletins and to deal with occasional day-to-day enquiries and correspondence. Brian is hoping to be able to assist us in a purely voluntary capacity for the next 8 months, as his health permits. He can still be reached on his usual E-mail address. However, he is still unwell and is now “signed off” until the end of May. Please continue to pray for him during this difficult time.

Charity Registration.

By law, every charity must have a registered address. Please note that with effect from late March, the new registered address is 27 Poplar Avenue, Warton, Preston, PR4 1BS but the charity registration number (254887) remains unchanged.

The e-bulletin

We hope to be able to recommence regular e bulletins sometime in April but at a reduced frequency and once Brian is well enough, we hope that he will be able to assist us as an Honorary Editor.

2017 Annual Conference

The date has been set for 30th September and Rev Maurice Roberts has agreed to be the speaker. We do hope that as many people as possible will be able to join us on what is expected to be a significant day for Christians at Work.
We will update this page as more information becomes available in the coming months.

On behalf of the Trustees,

Terry Smith