Our Vision For Workplace Groups

We believe that:
  • Groups of Christians meeting together at work can play a vital role in the extension of Christ's kingdom in the workplace.

  • Individual Christians need support and encouragement in their workplace life and witness, and this can happen through meeting regularly with other Christian co-workers.

  • There is great potential for Christian Fellowship groups to reach others for Christ through planning and organising outreach activities and events.
CaW therefore aims to:

"Help establish and support Christian Fellowship groups as bases for ministry and witness in the workplace."

At present there are around 300 workplace Christian Fellowship groups which are currently affiliated to Christians at Work. These groups represent all the major industries and business sectors, such as retailing, manufacturing, engineering, health, finance, education, service sector, local government - and many more!

The groups are all autonomous but Christians at Work seeks to draw them together, uniting them in a sense of partnership and fellowship, and to provide them with practical and effective resources.

Christians at Work is not only a resource organisation - it is a fellowship of groups and individuals committed to workplace ministry and witness.

Benefits of Group Affiliation

Affiliating to Christians at Work means:
  • Unlimited copies of net.working - a newsletter giving news, information and ideas for CF groups at work

  • Net.working-Live, the twice monthly E-Broadcast

  • A Group Directory which lists all our affiliated groups along with contact names and detail

  • Free copies of all resources produced by CaW - including Outline Bible Studies and Group Resource Sheets

  • Advice and help from the National Director in relation to any issue affecting the group's ongoing life and witness

  • A list of helpful resources available from other organisations which will be regularly updated

  • Being able to participate at the AGM at the CaW Annual Conference
In addition to the above, groups who are presently affiliated to Christians at Work can testify to the fact that affiliation brings with it an important sense of partnership.
The only condition of affiliation is that we would ask that the group leaders sign the CaW Basis of Faith. We also ask that you pay an initial administration fee of £10 and a voluntary subscription at the beginning of each year.

What Others Have Said:

"Christians at Work has a vital role to play in helping the various groups to feel connected."
Gary Wartew, Glaxo Wellcome Christian Fellowship, Middlesex

"Christians at Work is effective in producing Bible study material and other literature."
Graham Nicholls, Worcestershire County Council Christian Fellowship

"If we encounter problems, then it is good to know that there is someone to turn to for information and advice."
Roland Lambie, Caerphilly County Borough Council Christian Fellowship

"The continued support of Christians at Work is invaluable."
Martyn Holmes, Hinkley Point Christian Association

"Belonging to Christians at Work is an encouragement because we realise we are not alone."
Ros Salisbury, Bedfordshire County Council Christian Fellowship

If you want your group to affiliate please fill in our affiliation form and send it to the CaW office.

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