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Welcome to our Bible Studies page

These documents are freely available for you to use and download. All documents are copyright 2003 to Christians at Work. Essentially they are free to all CaW Associates and Affiliates Groups. However if you are not a member of Christians at Work, we would ask you to consider making a voluntary donation toward the cost of these documents on the basis of 50p per page.You may freely quote from any document, but under the terms of the copyright you must ascribe source and authorship/ownership.

To access them simply click on the title.

1 - Take a little fruit to work

2 - Bible Study Series 1 - Old Testament

3 - Bible Study Series 2 - New Testament

4 - Bible Study Series 3 - Life of Joseph

5 - Christians at Work - Presentation & Challenge (not available)

6 - Holiness - The way to walk at work (not available)

7 - Know your enemy (not available)

8 - Mind the Gap: Connecting faith with work

9 - Sunday/Monday: Faith in the world

10 - The Spirit at work

11 - The word and the work: A challenging exploration of the presence of God in the workplace

12 - Witness at work: For Christians wanting to think about issues of Christian living in the workplace