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The Trustees have revised the formal Constitution of Christians at Work (March 2012), essentially to reflect the changes that have taken place in recent times. There are no changes to those values that we hold dear, such as the Basis of Faith or the Aims and Objectives of the fellowship.Constitution


Resource Sheet No1 - Starting a Christians Fellowship Group at Work

Resource Sheet No2 - Planning a Group Programme

Resource Sheet No 3 - Making Use of IT at Work

Resource Sheet No 4 - Organising a Carol Service

Resource Sheet No 5 - Priorities for CF Groups

Resource Sheet No 6 - A Bible Study in 20 Minutes

Resource Sheet No 7 - Ideas for Workplace Witness and Outreach

Resource Sheet No 8 - Using Christian Videos in the Workplace

Resource Sheet No 9 - Christian Witness at a Company Open Day

Resource Sheet No 10 - 44 Suggestions for Christian Fellowship Groups in the Workplace

Resource Sheet No 11 - Town Centre Groups

Resource Sheet No 12 - Prayer - Lifeblood for the Workplace

Resource Sheet No 13 - Meeting the Needs of the Working Congregation

Resource Sheet No. 14 - The Diversity Initiative

Resource Sheet No. 15 Witnessing at Work

Resource Sheet No. 16 Other Failths at Work

Briefing Paper No 5 - A Christian Response to Industrial Action

Calling and Work

Clarity on Living for Christ in the Workplace (PPT)

God’s plan for your life – A how-to-find-out guide – Charles Humphreys

Overcoming the presenteeism culture – Charles Humphreys

Are you prepared to take your job search under the waterline? – Charles Humphreys

These documents are freely available for you to use and download. All documents are copyright 2012 to Christians at Work. Essentially they are free to all CaW Associates and Affiliates Groups. However if you are not a member of Christians at Work, we would ask you to consider making a voluntary donation toward the cost of these documents on the basis of 50p per page.You may freely quote from any document, but under the terms of the copyright you must ascribe source and authorship/ownership.